Moo Business Cards

Moo Business Cards

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Everyone who knows me knows that I'm a big fan of Moo. I love their minicards, the postcards, the stickers...and I'm totally excited to hear that they are about to announce regular business cards. As a Graphic Designer I design and order business cards for clients on a regular basis and although I've ordered tons of printing examples from printers thorughout the years I was never really happy with the results. I don't even want to speak about the possibility to design each card individually which no other printer offers. And which is absolutely awesome! (And something clients are interested in but printers seemingly not so much.)
It's great to see that Moo also offers a green alternative now (100% recycled, 100% recyclable and bio-degradable stock) besides the classic paper stock and can't wait to hold some of them in my hands...Check out Richard Morross' blog or Moo's secret stuff page for more information. And, pssst, newsletter recipients get a 20% discount off their first pack as soon as they launch. So I know what I'll be doing on the weekend...


Marc Levack said...

Very nice information about business card. Different size of a business cards so we can distribute in professionals. We have Create a business card.

Heidi said...

ooohh they're really really nice... I love the idea.

Sesselja said...

If you love Scandinavia so much (read your bio), you should learn Norwegian (or if you must, Swedish or Danish). Then you could pop over and visit my freelance blog without any of the language difficulties. ;-)

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